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In 2016 the Hawick Archaeological Society in Scotland, will celebrate its 160th anniversary continuing a long and distinguished history. It has done much to keep alive and foster an interest in the antiquities of the Borders and to preserve and hand down everything that is of great value regarding the customs of the people as well as the history of many of the more notable characters and inhabitants of the town and district.

About Us

The Hawick Archaeological Society is about to enter the digital age with the help of a grant from’The Heritage Lottery Fund’. As a result of this grant, almost 160 years of the Society’s Transactions are being comprehensively indexed, digitised and made available to a wider audience through this website and the ‘Heritage Hub” which is part of the Tower Knowe development in Hawick.

This will allow any interested party access to the digital archive. The digital format will enable further Transactions to be added annually and the website will be used to allow easier access to the work of the Society, membership, news, syllabus of lecturers, email contacts, publications and merchandise.

The Society has maintained a membership of around 500 members for some time and continues to have a prominent profile in the town and we hope that after creating a new online membership site in 2016, that we will now be able to make the HAS transcriptions available world wide.

To quote J.J.Vernon, former Hon. Secretary, from 1906 Transactions, on the work of the Society, “With regards to its future there is no limit to the usefulness of its work”. A sentiment echoed by the committee and members of Hawick Archaeological Society as they look forward to the next milestone in 2056.

HAS and SBC are proud to present the leaflet for Hawick’s Doors Open Day – 14th September – it looks fantastic – well done all! Please share and make Hawick’s contribution to this national initiative a huge success. Hard copies will be soon be available at the Heritage Hub. Thanks to all the organisations who are opening their doors to the public and to the guides for the JP Alison walk and Stobs Camp tour.

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What people are saying about the Hawick Archaeological Society..

  • “ Not really about archaeology, but a fantastic way to unearth information about the history of the area around Hawick, in the heart of the Scottish Borders.  The huge number of articles in the Society's Transactions form an unparalleled view of the traditions, language and people of this area. And since so many families can trace their roots back here, it represents a genealogical goldmine! 

    Douglas Scott
    Douglas ScottProfessor of Astrophysics Vancouver
  • “ The Transactions from the Hawick Archaeological Society have been a most valuable resource for me in tracing my ancestors that stemmed from Hawick and the surrounding countryside, from my GGGGGG Grandparents from Branxholme Town to the likes of my ancestor James Wilson, the founder of the "Economist" magazine from Hawick.”

    Brett James Wilson
    Brett James WilsonCEO - Technology Company