Image and Video Galleries from the Hawick Archaeological Society

On this page, you will find a range of images and videos in separate galleries below.

Image Gallery

Below, you will find a number of Images relating to Hawick, its people, history and surrounds. (Under Construction!).

Video Gallery

Below, you will find a number of Video’s relating to Hawick, its people, history and surrounds. (Coming Soon!).

What people are saying about the Hawick Archaeological Society..

  • “ Not really about archaeology, but a fantastic way to unearth information about the history of the area around Hawick, in the heart of the Scottish Borders.  The huge number of articles in the Society's Transactions form an unparalleled view of the traditions, language and people of this area. And since so many families can trace their roots back here, it represents a genealogical goldmine! 

    Douglas Scott
    Douglas ScottProfessor of Astrophysics Vancouver
  • “ The Transactions from the Hawick Archaeological Society have been a most valuable resource for me in tracing my ancestors that stemmed from Hawick and the surrounding countryside, from my GGGGGG Grandparents from Branxholme Town to the likes of my ancestor James Wilson, the founder of the "Economist" magazine from Hawick.”

    Brett James Wilson
    Brett James WilsonCEO - Technology Company